Pobbles are peculiar little (sometimes big) aquatic rock creatures that live along the banks of crystal clear ponds, lagoons, grottos, lakes, streams, and rivers. Pobbles originate from a tropical land called Pobbletopia located just west of Lola Peach Reef and East of Rainbow Lagoon in the Wanderful World of Tissy Rose {see map down below}.

Pobbles have a number of unique anatomical traits necessary for Pobble survival/function. Get familiar and understand Pobbles better.Click the Pobble Anatomy photo to see it bigger, or hit the link below to explore Pobbletopia on Instagram.

Pobble Character Origins

Circa 2015Pobbles: aquatic rock creatures were, originally created as illustrated characters in The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose book series.There are new Pobble books coming out Fall 2024:
🪨 Wild Pobbles
🪨 Tissy Rose in Pobbletopia
🪨 Tissy Rose in Lola Peach Reef &
🪨 Tissy Rose in Rainbow Lagoon

Pobble handmade collectibles Phase 1

Circa 2016It all started with me wanting a Pobble for myself. I yearned see/hold a physical rendition of my beloved rock creature characters. So, I decided to bring them to life through sculpting. Although having years of ceramic sculpting experience, I decided to use polymer clay to create Pobble art toys for immediate in home results. Pobble art toys underwent several revisions over the years through a process of artistic growth and skill advancement.

Pobble handmade collectibles
Phase 2 - Final Phase

Circa 2017-Present DayI began using real rocks and stones, sculpting directly onto the rock surfaces with handmade glass eye designs.Present day Pobbles have become more diverse in rock varieties, refined in sculpting technique, and more sophisticated detailed glass eye designs - creating the Pobble Collectible sculptures seen today.

The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose Map

Pobble Rockhounding

The artist and creator of Pobbles: S.Clowette, absolutely adores rocks/stones/minerals/crystals and has been rockhounding for 20+ years. Pobble stones are sought out thoughtfully and picked from the most enchanting waterways. Since Pobbles are “aquatic rock” creatures it is imperative that the artist only source Pobble rocks from a waterway such as but not limited to: beaches, tide pools, rivers, streams, lagoons, grottos, and of course crystal clear ponds.

Pobble Healing

Pobbles are a combination of two extremely powerful healing sources: Nature & Art.Having a Pobble in your space is more than just a conversation art piece on your mantle or shelf. A Pobbles core rock/stone emits natural energy from the stone’s molecular makeup. These properties can be beneficially used just as you would do that of an herb’s. In addition, the artistic expression of a Pobble keeps your mind full of imagined wonder and joy. All of which promotes good mental/emotional health.

Prailine Pobbles

Prailine Pobbles are a style of Pobbles that the artist’s beloved only sister,
designed as a custom Pobble for
herself literally hours before she
was to pass away.
“ My sister’s name was
Kesha but, I affectionately always called her: “Kesha Prailine” -
which handed us both a laugh.”
Kesha was so glamorous, prissy, &
witty hence asking for her Pobble
to be a pink gemstone with eyelashes.
“I never got to make my sister’s custom Pobble for her but, created the Prailine Pobbles in honor of my beautiful loving sister & best
friend, Kesha.”
-Stephanie Clowette.
A portion of all Prailine Pobble proceeds go directly to my niece Breoni - my sister Kesha’s only child.

Narwhal Pobbles

Narwhal Pobbles are Pobbles that have a Narwhal uni-horn on their little heads. This Pobble species usually comes from oceans and deep seas, and are often found with coral reef and even little fish still attached to them as a result.

Adopt a Narwhal Pobble at the link below.

Mindfulness Pobbles
(stone stacking)

Mindfulness Pobbles is an interactive style of Pobbles designed to stone stack with a set of stones sourced to stack perfectly with it’s accompanying Pobble. This style of Pobble represents mental health awareness and celebrates the peace and serenity that comes along with being in a zen state.Adopt a mindfulness Pobble at the link below.

Adopt a mindfulness Pobble at the link below.

Water droplet carrying Pobbles

Some Pobbles hold tight to a solidified droplet of water from its origin waters for sentimental reasons. This is a quite rare occurrence but rather common among international Pobble species that know they will find forever homes far away from the pool of water they originated in.

Adopt a water droplet carrying Pobble or other rare Pobble species at the link below.

Pobble creature cards

All Pobbles come with their very own creature card. A creature card is similar to a cabbage patch kid’s birth certificate. The card lists your Pobble’s name, the type of base rock/stone your Pobble is made of, the origin waters/location of your Pobble stone, your Pobble’s diet, and a little blurb about your Pobble’s personality.

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